Pradeep was excellent to work with and he provided confidence that our proposal would get done at the rate we submitted. I am paying 15 % of my debts back and that too interest free and and in an affordable payment plan.
By Brad S

I wanted to say “Thank you” for all the hard work and professionalism you put for me. You were the ray of hope when there was none. It all started when my wife saw one of your ads and booked us an appointment. Even though, I was sceptical, I said let me go and see what this guy knows the other people does not know. I have always believed that if anything sounded too good to be true that it probably was. You explained it to me in simplest way. You took the fear out of us. The outcome to us, by using his service, has been that, we now have hope for our future, and no longer live with the financial stress which was wrecking our lives and health. The most important thing I appreciated was how he only cared about what was the best course of action for our benefit and not the creditors. Thanks again.
Terry J
No words can describe what 4Pillars and Pradeep’s service have done for me and my husband. We just kept paying all the minimum payments, but were not getting anywhere as that minimum amount was only paying the interest. When we talked to Pradeep, he explained why we were not getting anywhere and I was amazed and also understood as to why the Banks did not let me know all this before. He was always so professional and non-judgemental. He walked us through every step and was always reachable. If he was in an meeting he would call back immediately when he was free. Everything went as he had mentioned and payment plan was negotiated which we never thought was possible. I would highly recommend Pradeep and his services to anyone. My only regret is that I did not call him sooner and save so much more money in interest payments. I was hesitant earlier, because I was overwhelmed and did not know whom to believe. Thank you Pradeep for giving us our freedom back!- Brenda
Brenda W


During the first FREE consultation, we examine, present options and then you decide.


Walk you thru the plan which finally reduces the principal debt amount and creates positive cash flow for you.


Using the most comprehensive budgeting and credit rebuilding program, you take steps towards your goals.

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Use 4 Pillars Consulting Group to Eliminate Debt

4Pillars has been working in Edmonton since 2003. In all these years of our operation we have helped thousands of people in and around Edmonton get out of debt. We are licensed by the Government of Alberta to act as a Debt repayment agency. We are also registered with the Better Business Bureau. 4 Pillars has also been working with the city of Edmonton on Financial literacyandone of the 4 Pillars founding partners was awarded the 2012 men of honor in Edmonton for his dedication to Financial Literacy.

How 4Pillars helps you in getting out of debt

We understand that every debt situation is unique so in order to create a true debt reduction plan we go through the following steps

  • Every new client gets an initial FREE consultation which helps us understand their finances.
  • Based on this consultation, we will explain all the options available for debt reduction
  • Create a personalized debt reduction plan
  • Hold your hand through the entire debt reduction process
  • Negotiate with creditors on your behalf
  • Create a budgeting and credit building plan so that debt reduction remains on track.