Credit Rebuilding

There are some major misconceptions people have about credit rating and score. We explain the process in detail so that all our clients have a true and accurate picture how the credit systems works and what they need to do to rebuild credit and maintain a healthy credit score.

The process to rebuild your credit score can be started immediately.

For a person to get low interest rates on a loan, line of credit or mortgage, they require a good credit score. Rebuilding credit takes time and needs an understanding of how the credit system works. You might have bad credit and no one wants to give you a chance except a few companies trying to take advantage of you with outrageous interest on loans or credit cards. We are here to help you rebuild your credit, accumulate wealth, and give you a fresh start.

The 4Pillars credit rebuilding system is a proprietary system. It walks you through the entire credit rebuilding process step by step. There are pre-approved (guaranteed) financial products which when used as directed will improve your credit score over time.

Our unique partnership with Transunion offers you a unique opportunity to watch your credit score improving as you use our credit rebuilding services. This partnership no other agency has been offered.

The credit rebuilding involves a three step process

  • Credit file clean up
  • Create a unique credit rebuilding program which suits the individual’s needs
  • Protect the credit rating


Why use 4Pillars in Edmonton for Credit rebuilding services?

  • More than 10 years of experience in credit rebuilding the debt industry
  • Pioneers of Financial literacy in Edmonton
  • Customized program to meet your needs
  • Pre-approved products which help in rebuilding your credit faster
  • You can have access to Trans union credit report to monitor your score.
  • Set fees of $395 + GST to get started.