Edmonton Debt and Credit Consulting – 4 Pillars Consulting Group

4 Pillars is one of the largest Canadian debt reducution companies which works for the benefit of the debtors. We have been in operation since 2003 in Edmonton and have helped thousands of people from Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Spruce grove, Morinville, Stony Plain, Leduc Beaumont and other areas of Northern Alberta.

We are licensed by the Government of Alberta to act as a Debt repayment agency. We are also registered with the Better Business Bureau. 4 Pillars has also been working with the city of Edmonton in Financial literacy. In fact, one of the 4 Pillars partners was awarded the 2012 men of honor in Edmonton. As a Doctor is an expert on health issues, we are the experts in debt reduction.

So, if you want to get out of debt, we are the debt negotiating experts. We work on your behalf and not the creditors.

Pradeep, who is the owner of the Edmonton office, has his office at the intersection of 99 Street and 63 Avenue. It is opposite the Hotel Argyl Plaza and it is in the same compound of Sentinel Storage. Our Canadian Flag is flying at the building entrance.

What can you expect from Pradeep at 4Pillars Edmonton?

  • Honesty and Integrity: He will fully explain all the options and will also walk you through the plan. He will not advise you to do anything unethical which will come and bite you later. His motto is simple, “If you do something wrong, we have to pay for it later with interest. So let us do it honestly and pay less now.
  • Confidentiality: You confidentiality is our highest priority. Nothing will be discussed with you outside the office. What is discussed in the office remains in the office.
  • Non-Judgemental : We understand that debt is sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances like health challenges, family issues or even loss of job. Our stand is “simply have gratitude to the people who helped you and move forward”.
  • Empathy: Pradeep has seen his close friends go through the difficult debt situations and has also seen some of them loose their assets because they received bad advice. That is what brought him into this business. He understands that almost every situation can be turned around with proper understanding of your rights and understanding all the options.

Overall he is committed to helping his clients eliminate debts and restart their life in a positive way, without fear and with their head held high. His clients know that they can trust him, without fear of being judged or even worsening their situation further.

Pradeep looks at long term solutions when he makes an plan to eliminate debts. By discussing with the client thoroughly, Pradeep is able to provide advice and expertise which will help the client save time and money. This also helps the client get out of debt by being more knowledgeable.